Solved [solved] finch

When I run Finch (the terminal-version of pidgin) in Eterm, it looks very ugly. Instead of the nice lines surrounding windows its full of x and q.

If I run it in xterm or aterm it looks as it should but not in Eterm. The reason for running it in Eterm is that I want it transparent and aterm cant handle it when I run in 16 bit color mode. 24 color bit mode is too slow with my laptop.

So if someone knows how to run it properly in Eterm or perhaps how to run aterm in 16 bit color mode without getting lots of graphic fault - that would be much appreciated.
You might try to install and run xcompmgr (run it with only the minimal parameters to get composited desktop, you don't need to rest of the features for this). This might probably give aterm full transparency automatically.
If all you want is transparency, install compiz and use it to create just the transparent effects. Also gnome-terminal supports transparency (with or without an extra background in the terminal emulator)