smbfs and semi-colon, very old bug

I see that this problem reported almost 7 years ago has still not been corrected in the base FreeBSD 10.3.

I find no additional discussion regarding this fault, nor any reason to why it is not corrected after 7 years.

Is there any reason this is not yet corrected, or rejected with a reason?

Are there alternatives to the base smbfs to get around this for SMB/CIFS mounts, or will I need to recompile this part manually if I want it fixed?
Just send a note to freebsd-fs@. The PR probably fell through the cracks.
Thanks! I posted a reminder to the mailing list.

I see that the bug is now Open (previously In Progress), and that koobs already beat me to (indirectly, via bugzilla) post to the mailing list.