ZFS Slow

Hello ,

I have a brand new FreeBSD 10.3 installation. My host system running on a 32 GB SSD and I have another 3x4 TB Pool which I have imported (old FreeNAS pool). The problem is that my read and write are horrible slow. I used bonnie and to benchmark the disks. My SSD got 5 MByte/s write. On the FreeNAS Pool I got 8 MByte/s read on each disk. Results in round about 20-25MByte/s.

Because I have full disc encryption on I think maybe I'm missing a kernel module? CPU is 80% in idle while doing the test.

freebsd% kldstat
Id Refs Address            Size     Name
1   28 0xffffffff80200000 17bc680  kernel
2    1 0xffffffff819bd000 2fc428   zfs.ko
3    2 0xffffffff81cba000 6040     opensolaris.ko
4    1 0xffffffff81cc1000 215a8    geom_eli.ko
5    3 0xffffffff81ce3000 352d0    crypto.ko
6    1 0xffffffff81d19000 67de0    if_igb.ko
7    1 0xffffffff81d81000 157c0    aio.ko
8    1 0xffffffff81d99000 3108     cc_htcp.ko
9    1 0xffffffff81d9d000 5a30     aesni.ko
10    1 0xffffffff81e11000 358d     ums.ko
Sure. The system should handle zfs without problems. Used FreeNAS with the same hardware and it runs well, but ton of bugs...

Asrock C2550D4I
Intel® Quad-Core Avoton C2550 Processor
3x Seagate NAS HDD 4TB
I'm having the same issue, the system is really slow, but it was not happening on 11-CURRENT and only happened after I moved to RELEASE (fresh install).

My system specs are:
Intel core i5 3330 3.0GHz
1TB Hitachi HDD
The motherboard had a really old bios. I updated it to the latest version and all performance problems are gone. Could't find any specific entry in the changelogs which can cause such a problem.

Now I can easily saturate my gigabit ethernet.