Xfce Slim can't start Xfce session


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Hello there,
I have a FreeBSD with Xfce and Slim installed on my laptop.
In the last time that I have used my computer I put it in suspend mode. After restart again the login screen was show. But when I put my user and password I get a infinite loop for providing my credentials. There is no error messages. After some search I made the same tips of this tutorial https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/slim-xfce-login-loop-issue.61622/ but I don't had any success.
Afterwards, I have changed the line
in /etc/rc.conf for try to start xfce4 manually. I had success but now pulseaudio plugin don't start. If I try use pulseaudio --start I get the message: "Home directory not accessible - Permission Denied" and the buttons for logoff, shutdown and suspend mode are gray and inactive.
I've been looking all day and don't have any success.

Any ideas on this issue please?

Thanks in advance


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How long was it left in suspend mode? Have you rebooted your computer since you brought it back from suspend? Are you logging in to xfce using the root account? What does your .xinitrc file look like?


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% cat .xinitrc
LANG=PL_pl.utf-8;export LANG
gnome-keyring-daemon --start
setxkbmap pl
exec startxfce4

example... set correct your language


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Unless you have a strong affinity to slim, I would consider changing to xdm. Slim appears to be abandoned upstream

The default xdm configuration may be visually unappealing, but it is maintained and can be tweaked.

The Handbook tells how to start xdm and you can use your .xinitrc configuration either by soft linking to .xsession or % cp .xinitrc .xsession.