C/C++ simple motif gui on 32bit Freebsd 12.1. display error

hello again,

i have successful compiled a simple Motif GUI window on my 32bit FreeBsd machine.

there is the following running error :

Error: Can't open display:

Seems that X is not configured right. pkg-update is up to date.

Kindly Regards

My aim is to make some GUI without GNU and GTK.
The only window that should appear on this computer must be UNIX.
i have made a fresh install of freebsd 12.1 on this 32bit machine.
all packages up to date.
how to set the display ?
how to set the display ?

How you set/export environment variables depends on your shell. I think you would be better off trying to figure out why it isn't set though. If you are running X it should be set. If it's not there is something very wrong.
there is the following running error :

Error: Can't open display:
The DISPLAY environment variable is unset. That should not happen unless it was manually unset, or you are attempting to execute your X program outside a running X server (e.g. after you log in to ttyv0, you attempt to execute ./winstack, which will never work).

How did you start your X server? xinit(1) will set the DISPLAY environment variable automatically. startx(1) is a script that ultimately executes xinit for you, along with some other conveniences. Both of those utilities come with x11/xinit, and you also need to install x11-servers/xorg-server to be able to use them.
There is an error with the computer here.
Doesn|t matter.
I have BSD 64 on another machine that works fine.

After many attempts to install different OS's i have installed Lubuntu. That works on this computer.
Even windows does not work.
I use this OS only to RUN ORIGINAL UNIX !
a secret unix weapon
guess how.

ok. no guessings then i will reveal the weapon.

It's Inferno OS by Vita Nuova. Link : Vita Nuova

I run the emulated UNIX OS Inferno inside lubuntu. he he he

Don't tell me that isn't a cool thing.
yeah ,
i am running UNIX inside Linux in background.


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citation " you simple bastard , i hit you one on the muzzle !"

what do you want ?
it is not my mistake that gnu programmer have made an operating system.

Nobody ist der Grösste.
i am running UNIX inside Linux in background.

Inferno which is mostly a reimplementation of Plan 9 in a managed language (Limbo) is not Unix.
Plan 9 is not Unix either, it was meant to be a successor.

That said, Plan 9 is pretty good by its own merit. It provides a decent C compiler and APE POSIX layer. My partner even got involved and made me a Glenda mascot whilst she was learning embroidery. I framed it and it now lives on my desk ;)