Shell sharing: X Big Cursor for 4k TV script for FreeBSD 13 Xorg twm mwm


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There are "several suggested ways" to make the default X cursor BIG so you can see it if it's tiny.

The below script allows selection of "Use Type1 for big cursor" or "misc big pcf cursor" methods.

$ x-cursor-big 400 Type1

I think misc works and looks nicer for 4k than Type1:

$ x-cursor-big 2 misc

good news:
Just run script and restart X. It not only works for X cursor but inside apps that "use X's default offered cursor set", which is many.

caveats, it's just a small script:

* have to restart X

* it doesn't handle pre-existing Type1/fonts.alias (quits if there is one, likely there is not, so that's ok)

* it isn't going to re-arrange your xset fontpath or try to enable both methods by using fontpath order

* has note mentioning other methods and a stackexchange URL partly describing how to do them


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