send make install clean to Screen

I want install KDE and I type

make install clean

, I installed before screen from ports and I have it , install KDE take long time
How I can send process to Screen and see what happen from another FreeBSD box ?
Ssh into your box, start a screen session, cd to some workdir, start make-ing then hit ^a d. Screen will detach and continue running. You can even exit your ssh session and come back later, to reattach just type screen -r. Sorry about laconic style, it's a pain to type on a phone.
but I want send run process to screen
for example I start make install clean one hour ago and it work , I want send this process to SCREEN and continue it in home or other box
I don't think that's even remotely possible due to bootstrapping problems (you can forget about 'Ctl-Z' and 'screen fg 1' or anything like it).

You can just break off your current make install (Ctl -C), open screen, cd to the port directory, and start the make install again.

It will continue almost exactly where you stopped it.
You can't. You can always stop the KDE install, start up screen, and then start the KDE install again. It's not like the KDE install has to start from scratch again.

dave said:
Why don't you just...
make install clean > ~/build.log
...and tail the log file from another session?

If you do that over an ssh connection and disconnect, then won't the build process die (because the parent died)?

AFAIK, the only way to remote compile, and not have it die due to disconnects is screen (or dtach).

Granted, that wasn't exactly what the OP's concern was, but it's a valid concern none the less.