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Selling FreeBSD servers


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Now that I am more competent believe it or not in FreeBSD I am considering buying a set of machines that would act as NFS (Network File Storage) solution for small businesses in the area. So I have a few questions regarding licensing etc.

What's a reasonable donation for a copy of FreeBSD? I would like to think that I am giving back to the developers a decent amount of cash. As a FreeBSD enthusiast I usually only donate $10 or back in version seven I bought a copy hoping that the funds contributed towards the development of a great operating system.

This question applies to the use of SAMBA so maybe it doesn't belong here. However as it is a member of the port collection perhaps you could guide me in the right direction. What would be a reasonable donation to the development of this port/package? I'm not interested in active directory at this stage because my customers are small and I am more competent in SAMBA 3.6.x than four at this point in time.

My next question relates to the use of the FreeBSD logo. Being the cool graphic (my praise to the people behind that)...

I'd like to permanently mount the horned daemon on the machines without the FreeBSD bit. Is it okay to use that graphic in such a manner?

Should I really be using FreeNAS for this purpose? The way I figure it FreeBSD is more expandable which is what I'm after. Or am I wrong about this? I would like to be able to configure the servers to be able to handle NAT (Network Address Translation), network gateway functions including firewall, DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) functions even GNOME 2 for the lazy user (which I can be at times) etc. All depending upon my customer needs.

Having mentioned GNOME 2, if I go ahead or am required to install this package what kind of a reasonable donation should I go for this DE (Desktop Environment)?

Previously my use of FreeBSD has been as an enthusiast so I have stuck to the latest version of FreeBSD even to the point of running FreeBSD update. But as a professional I would like to stick to the latest stable release of the operating system. So how do I identify the version I should use?

If I have asked some questions that are probably easily accessed through the handbook, I apologise in advance. It's just I've been wondering about this for a while as probably a lot of people and I feel it's handy having it discussed here in the forums.

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I'd like to second SirDice's comment. iXsystems continues to sponsor some big ticket items in FreeBSD...items that the whole ecosystem of FreeBSD-based products benefits from. They are also very helpful.