Seems I have troubles with tmpfs

Trying to install lang/ghc:
failes with "out of swap". (failed with poudriere and synth, but compiles in the port).

(I don't really know it this is true, a much bigger package like editors/libreoffice compiles and installs without problems).

I have no swap, but tmpfs(4) with 4 GB. And now I made a swap-file with 8 GB (8 GB RAM).
df -h shows
tmpfs  4,0G  8,0K  4,0G  0%  /var/tmp

before I had it on /tmp.

in /etc/rc.conf

tmpfs  /var/tmp  tmpfs  rw,size=4294967296,nosuid,noexec,mode=01777 0  0

why capacity 0%, why is nothing in it.
Never used a swap-file, I did it for the moment, but I don't know how could I control if this work, it seems also not work.
Thanks, looks in the moment a little better, there is not much but something in /tmp.
In the swapfile I had no late and "my" noexec seems nonsense. I hope it will work. I will report.
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The swapfile and tmpfs have no relation as far as I know. Just swap takes over in case tmpfs gets too populated. Have you created a swap file? Is it active? It should not be within the tmpfs file system. Put in /usr/swap/swapfile or similar. Please check the output of swapinfo. Here is the output of my (bored) system.
# swapinfo
Device  1K-blocks  Used  Avail Capacity
/dev/md99  8388608  0  8388608  0%
If in doubt try swapon -a if the entry in /etc/fstab is existing and ok.
Device  1K-blocks  Used  Avail Capacity
/dev/md99  8388608  18524  8370084  0%

ok, seems is used. Thanks.
The relation between tmpfs(5) and swap is that the filesystem allocates virtual memory and that memory usually comes from physical RAM. In an unusual situation where the system is running low on memory the allocation might cause the system to swap and the filesystem backing store will be partly in the swap space.
Dear kpa,
yes, this is the perfect explanation. My wordings are too weak. It is possible to use tmpfs(5) without swap and the other way around. But it can be difficult. Some days ago ports-mgmt/poudriere has eaten up tmpfs(5) handling www/firefox and print/texlive-full in parallel. My RAM is 2G which is fine most of the time but not for that. Even the swap space of 3.4G of a rotating disk was full. Enabling a 4G swapfile on my SSD helped a lot. Now I have 8G swap on the SSD, it out of use 99.999% of the time anyhow. So it does not hurt.