Solved Searching for MAC address on network


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I have a GoFlex Home unit which I'm trying to bring back to life and I don't know its IP address. The MAC address is printed on the box. When I switch it on it started blinking and eventually ends up with a steady green led, which I believe means it has contacted the LAN. Can I detect its presence on the LAN from its MAC address?


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Well go to your pfSense box or whatever your DHCP server is and check.
Alternately the nmap port can do this:
For a network. Hit return to see status. It takes a while.


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# arping -c 3 00:11:85:4c:01:01
ARPING 00:11:85:4c:01:01
60 bytes from (00:11:85:4c:01:01): icmp_seq=0 time=13.367 msec
60 bytes from (00:11:85:4c:01:01): icmp_seq=1 time=13.929 msec
60 bytes from (00:11:85:4c:01:01): icmp_seq=2 time=13.929 msec

--- 00:11:85:4c:01:01 statistics ---
3 packets transmitted, 3 packets received, 0% unanswered