Solved Searching for a command to list FreeBSD version with Git

with FreeBSD 13.0 has somethings changed. For upgrading FreeBSD from Source, I had done before this version, before fetching the source:
svn list svn://

Supposed my /usr/src directory is empty and no "git clone" has been done, how can I list with the git command all branches that are available?

I know I could look at the website:"> but how to do that with git?

I had nothing found above that.
Thanks a lot.


Ok, what's wrong with just cloning everything and then looking at e.g. git branch -r?

If you're worried about disk space, a full GIT clone of everything is smaller than a SVN working copy of a single branch.
Maybe this is what you want. IDK if this is what you should DO, though. Just bashing rocks together here.

cd /usr/src/
git init .
git remote add freebsd-src
git ls-remote --heads freebsd-src
I guess then tack on
rm -r /usr/src/.git
git clone --branch releng/13.0 /usr/src

To trash the mess you create after selecting the one you want