Other Seagate 8TB ST8000VN0002 works?

Quick question that hopefully has a quick answer: Has anyone gotten a SEAGATE 8TB NAS ST8000VN0002 drive to work under FreeBSD 10.2-REL with a UEFI motherboard?

I've seen some Seagate 4TB NAS drives and some Seagate 8TB non-NAS drives mentioned here, but not this one.

I have to ask because I received this drive from NewEgg not packaged well at all, I can't test it in my other non-UEFI systems, it shows the model number in the BIOS of my destination FreeBSD box (on the SATA3 port I have it plugged into), but it doesn't show at all on a "camcontrol devlist" command (I get 1 less drive returned than I should).

I take that to mean that my FreeBSD doesn't recognize it, even though the BIOS does, so I have to at least passingly question the OS (unless, of course, I'm doing something else wrong).

But initially, it's enough for me to know if anyone has ever made this drive work under that same version. Or maybe a higher version. Then at least I'll know it is possible, and I can RMA this one for the poor shipping and likelihood of failure, with a hope that a replacement can work. Thanks all!
I have two ST8000AS0002-1NA17Z RT17 that work fine in FreeBSD 11.0 and 10.x. Don't know how much the NAS differs from the Archive other than more cache and NCQ.
It appears people have used ST8000VN0002 in FreeNAS so I'd expect it to work for you as well.
I would test it in another machine and OS first before RMAing it.
The "archive" drives are the shingled drives, the NAS drives are, as far as I know, normal drives. Although possibly with a gooey filling of helium. Should still be detected as a device and be possible to run SMART tests on it if it works at all.
Thanks for the advice guys. I was in a dark place with this and I esp. appreciate the push to try it in another machine. I found I had an HTPC with what seems to be a UEFI board and it didn't work there, either. I RMA'd it for a replacement. I'll see how the new one goes when it gets here. Thanks again!