Other SDDM+Lumina reboot/shutdown fails


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Recently I updated packages on my FreeBSD desktop (via pkg, no ports compilation) and stuck with a problem that shutdown/reboot via Lumina DE main menu doesn't work. When I choose an appropriate item, system ends the current session, shows me black screen for a second and then again starts SDDM login screen. There's no error or warning messages in /var/log/messages, it just restarts instead of turning off. The only way to turn the system off or reboot it is to run shutdown or reboot command from console command line. On previous Lumina version (1.3.0) the problem didn't appear.

My system is:
FreeBSD dog 11.1-STABLE FreeBSD 11.1-STABLE #0 r328208: Mon Apr 2 22:08:32 EEST 2018 root@dog:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC amd64

Lumina/SDDM packages are:
lumina-1.4.1,3 Lumina Desktop Environment (meta-port)
lumina-archiver-1.4.1 Archive manager from the Lumina Desktop
lumina-calculator-1.4.1 Scientific calculator from the Lumina Desktop
lumina-core-1.4.1 Lumina Desktop Environment
lumina-coreutils-1.4.1 Lumina Desktop Environment
lumina-fileinfo-1.4.1 File properties utility from the Lumina Desktop
lumina-fm-1.4.1 Insight file manager from the Lumina Desktop
lumina-mediaplayer-1.4.1 Streaming media player from the Lumina Desktop
lumina-pdf-1.4.1 PDF viewer from the Lumina Desktop
lumina-screenshot-1.4.1 Screenshot utility from the Lumina Desktop
lumina-textedit-1.4.1 Plaintext editor from the Lumina Desktop
lumina-themes-201710311100_1 Lumina desktop wallpapers/colors
sddm-0.14.0 QML based login manager
sddm-freebsd-black-theme-1.0_1 Simple SDDM theme inspired on the FBSD SLiM theme

In /usr/local/etc/sddm.conf I have the following lines:
HaltCommand=/sbin/shutdown -p now
RebootCommand=/sbin/shutdown -r now

My user is in operator group so it's allowed to run these commands.


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Unfortunately I cannot update my OS due to the bug 225663 - my root ZFS pool spontaneously reboots during the boot process so commit r328208 is the only option for me to work, newer turns my PC out of condition. Yes, I'm goddamn lucky this year.
But outside the base OS I keep all packages in my system up to date:

dog@dog:~ % sudo pkg update
Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue...
FreeBSD repository is up to date.
All repositories are up to date.

dog@dog:~ % sudo pkg upgrade
Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue...
FreeBSD repository is up to date.
All repositories are up to date.
Checking for upgrades (217 candidates): 100%
Processing candidates (217 candidates): 100%
Checking integrity... done (0 conflicting)
Your packages are up to date.

So the problem exists with the latest packages. Before that I used previous version of Lumina for some months and everything was alright.


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Yes, looks like it's really my fault - I fully concentrated on Lumina and completely ignored SDDM. But the strange thing is that the failure appeared after Lumina was updated whereas SDDM version remains the same.


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I just now had this problem with a fresh FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE install followed by a plain binary "pkg install" of xorg, mate, and sddm, but it went away when I added dbus_enable="YES" to my /etc/rc.conf file.

I had previously only added moused_enable="YES" and sddm_enable="YES" to rc.conf, and it seemed to work okay at first, but then I noticed that I had no reboot or shutdown buttons or menu options anywhere in the Mate Desktop menus or the sddm display manager. Now I have them all, just as I do when I use startx from a text console terminal logged into my main user account to start X-windows. Just for the record, my user account has group membership in "wheel" but not in "operator".

I had intended to try to avoid enabling DBUS, based on some things I read some wheres, which basically said that only SDDM should be necessary, and that DBUS was relatively crude and primitive, or words to that effect, and I think that's theoretically and aspirationally true, but I had also been unable to open "Power Management" under MATE until I made this change, so I guess I'll just have to keep it in there until a better idea comes along. I'm guessing these may just be temporary shortcomings in sddm, which sddm's developers will eventually resolve; I'm hoping so, because I do like sddm, and am striving for a less complicated FreeBSD desktop configuration.



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Just a hint from my experience with Lumina-Desktop:
[CMD]# lumina-desktop --version

Lumina Desktop relies on fluxbox X Window Manager, which is part of lumina's pkg distribution

688 v0 S 0:02.20 start-lumina-desktop
692 v0 S 0:09.18 /usr/local/bin/fluxbox -rc /home/geonao/.config/lumina-desktop/fluxbox-init -no-slit -no-toolbar

I don't think that trying to load and run 2 X Window Managers, at the same time, for any GUI Desktop Manager is a good idea :)