Samba Server repeat error log

I setup two samba server, once I turn on both at the same time. I see repeat below log every minutes. Can anyone knows how to solve it?
May 28 19:42:16 freebsd nmbd[605]:   This response was from IP, reporting an IP address of
May 28 19:47:30 freebsd nmbd[605]: [2017/05/28 19:47:30.623075,  0] ../source3/nmbd/nmbd_namequery.c:109(query_name_response)
May 28 19:47:30 freebsd nmbd[605]:   query_name_response: Multiple (2) responses received for a query on subnet for name WORKGROUP<1d>.
It was a link to explain what a master browser is, in case you didn't know.