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Samba 3.6 notify_fam broken on FreeBSD 9?

Discussion in 'Web and Network Services' started by starslab, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. starslab

    starslab New Member

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    I've got a new FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE installation, and Samba's vfs_notify_fam appears to be broken. I think it's somehow confusing uid/username between root and the given login. I'm not certain which forum this belongs in, or if it belongs on Samba's bugtracking.

    Configuration is simple:

    # Samba config file created using SWAT
    # from UNKNOWN (
    # Date: 2012/02/26 02:54:28
            workgroup = SKYHAWK
            server string = FreeBSD CIFS Server
            pam password change = Yes
            log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
            max log size = 50
            socket options = SO_RCVBUF=8192 SO_SNDBUF=8192
            load printers = No
            preferred master = Yes
            dns proxy = No
            wins support = Yes
            idmap config * : backend = tdb
            comment = Software Installers
            path = /data/software
            valid users = @software-ro
            read only = No
            hide dot files = No
            vfs objects = notify_fam, zfsacl

    When I connect to \\pegasus\software as user skyhawk, this directory is created in /tmp
    drwx------ 2 skyhawk wheel 2 Feb 26 02:53 fam-root/

    And /var/log/samba/log.orion contains the following lines
    Socket directory /tmp/fam-root has different owner
    Failed to remove unsafe path /tmp/fam-root

    Installed port is samba36-3.6.3. Ports tree is up to date via portsnap and portupgrade -a has nothing to do. I'm out of ideas, and any input would be appreciated.
  2. lockdoc

    lockdoc New Member

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    I have the same problem on FreeBSD9.1 amd64.
    The logfile always outputs the following on each share access. And there is also a notable delay on each access to a share:
    Failed to connect to socket /tmp/fam-root/fam-SAMBA

    Any news on this one yet?
  3. mix_room

    mix_room Member

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    It might not be the answer you are looking for, but you could try net/samba4 which was recently committed.

    And you also probably want to be on 9.1-RELEASE rather than 9.0-RELEASE