Running Freebsd on PS4 using live cdrom/dvd


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Don't think FreeBSD has compatibility made for PS4 yet, you should keep up checking the ppc development:

You can try contact the project leader and see if he is aware of linux for PS4, wouldn't be surprised that he would.

Although: "05 January, 2011: Support for the Sony Playstation 3 has been committed to SVN." :):)

Fully doable on an PS3 of older model, check the models' list:

Have not tried this myself, yet, but have a fancy PS3 of 40 gig awaiting for this project. :)


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The link Spartrekus provides states PS4 is AMD x64, not PPC.

Background information about the PS4

As you probably know the PS4 features a custom AMD x86-64 CPU (8 cores), and there are loads of research available for this CPU


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Since PS4 uses BSD, the cool "thank you" from SONY would be at least to give liberty to run FreeBSD on it.