Running FreeBSD on Acer Aspire One


I`am interested in running FreeBSD on Acer Aspire One, anybody done this yet?

All thoughts and info is appreciated.

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Which of the two card-readers would that be? I have the white 8GB SSD version with a 16GB SDHC card in the left-side slot for extra storage. Would suck if I lost access to 2/3 of the storage on my AAO. (I'm thinking of installing FreeBSD 8.0 btw.)
Hi, guys!
I have installed FreeBSD on 8 Acer Aspire One computers. Only one got problem. After I installed, everything shows ok. Then I boot it. It reports Error 17. I used dump and restore from another hard drive. The same thing. Then I booted from another USB hard drive and did a bsdlabel -B /dev/ad2s1 Then everything is OK.