routing issue?


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I need another pair of eyes checking me on this. I'm not a networking guy, but trying my best.

I get 2 MB/s on average throughput when the NFS client in the network is writing data to the NFS server. But when an NFS client within network writes to the NFS server, I get gigabit performance as expected. Can anyone see a reason why?

  	Switch A -------- Switch B
  	  |		     |
        vlan 1 	           vlan 1
	  |		     |
 	  | 	          NFS client 
 	  |	        (Public IP:
 	  |		 Default gateway:
 	  |		 Static route to the network)
  (FreeBSD gayteway/nat/ipfw 
  	Default gateway:
  	vlan 4
      NFS server
    (Public IP:
     Private IP:
Background info:

Everything is gigabit in this network. The NFS client is on a different IP network then the NFS server is.
I added a static route on the NFS client so that traffic stays on the local network.


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design issue?

1. Please put the netmasks for your networks on your diagram.
2. Where is the nfs server 'public' address - - configured? Is there a second interface on the server, connected to vlan1?
3. How many physical interfaces does the router have? Is it a router on a stick (= one interface trunked to a switch port)?
4. Show us the nfs client static route definition, please.

By the way, is a private class A network, as of rfc 1918.