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Rosewell Wireless

Discussion in 'Peripheral Hardware' started by randomguy, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. randomguy

    randomguy New Member

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    Hello I have a Rosewell RNX-N180UBE wireless adapter


    I have tried installing regular FreeBSD and PC-BSD but neither will detect/support the adapter.

    I am absolutely new to the BSD world so I am not sure how to go about finding a solution. The adapter works fine in Linux and there is a linux driver available to download from their website but sadly no BSD.

    Is there some package I can download on another computer, put on a USB flash drive and copy over to the BSD system then install?

    I would like to try BSD but without a wireless driver I can't do much.
  2. wblock@

    wblock@ Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator Developer

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    The first thing to do is find out what chipset it uses. Just searching on the part number and "chipset" is usually enough.

    It's a Realtek RTL8191SU. Unfortunately, AFAICT there is no native FreeBSD driver for it. See ndisgen(8) about using the Windows XP driver.