Retroarch low fps

Ok I ve set up in virtualbox FreeBSD 10.3 (8gb ram 4 cores) and 11-CURRENT on a old laptop (amd dual core 4 gb ram) and I get very low fps in Retroarch (Cross-platform entertainment system) around 20 fps in the menu. Feels very laggy. Have installed guest additions on virtualbox and xf86-video-ati on laptop.

Why is it that slow ?
Did you enable 3D acceleration for the VMs in Virtualbox? Note that 2D acceleration is not supported.
The resources you've assigned to your virtual machine are twice what your host machine actually has...
Ha, missed that. Yeah, that's never going to perform. I'm actually surprised it allows you to do that.
ANOKNUSA the virtualbox it is on my desktop (12 GB RAM six core 2 GB GTX 770)
SirDice did that also and can't start DE anymore... did not have a xorg.conf in /etc/X11 ... created one with the info for VirtualBox.
I get error message when I try to compile it
vboxvideo.ko.symbols : no such file or directory

error core 71
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