Requesting updates for pecl-amqp & rabbitmq-c-devel ports


I was looking to setup RabbitMQ on FreeBSD11 which worked out pretty well.

However, I need to interface it with PHP7.1 and figured that pecl-amqp is pretty much outdated at version 1.4 (1.9 is latest on github ) whereas rabbitmq-c-devel is at version 0.7.1 (0.8.0 is latest on github )

I was wondering if it would be possible to get these ports updated. I'd be happy to help although I have never done porting before.

Or, if anyone else has used rabbitmq somehow with php7.1, I would greatly apprciate if you could share your approach to do so or point me to any article/tutorial.

I look forward to your response.

Thanks & regards,

By default everything will depend on PHP 5.6. If you want to deviate from that you'll need to add to /etc/make.conf:
And build the ports.

I don't know if this particular port works with PHP 7.x though but this is the way to change the default PHP version.

As for updating the various ports, contact their maintainers.
Thanks SirDice for your suggestion. I had already set php to 7.1 as mentioned by you before trying to install these ports.

Guess, I will have to contact the maintainers.