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I've just installed Fuxbox and whilst it fullfills the requirements of a lightweight WM there doesn't seem to be an easy way of adding menu entries.. I expected that if I ran pkg install emacs that emacs would automagically appear under Editors, but it doesn't unless I have overlooked something. Is there a similar lightweight WM which provides this option?

Handsome Jack


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If I remember correctly there is some menugenerator (on other distr.) but I never rely on that, manual adding entry in Fluxbox menu is super fast, easy, and it will be done on Your way.

You can check how it is done on TrueOS, since (I think) Lumina desktop is Fluxbox based.



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I've always run fvwm. Although it's rather involved in setup with a somewhat lengthy text based configuration, it's very easy to add menu items as the need arises. It's also highly configurable and easily accessible.



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balanga, adding entries to x11-wm/fluxbox menu is as easy as opening ~/.fluxbox/menu in a text editor and adding the program in plain text. You just need to watch your syntax so you keep your beginning and ending markup in sync, can copy and paste from what's already there and edit to your need.

I have a standard menu that I save to use every time since I always install the same programs, but it's easy to modify by hand in editors/leafpad and needs to be done manually.