Rebuild unbound with python support

Dear coldr3ality,

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If you do not mind to compile your ports have a look at
I can not explains this topic better. dns/unbound allows to select the required option. I am using this port but I have this option disabled.

Please note that you can use either ports or packages on one base system. Using jails you can use for example ports in one jail and pkg in a different jail. ports-mgmt/synth has the goal to allow using ports with non default settings. Ports with default settings can be fetched as pkg to reduce the compile time. I am not sure how far it works already. I just mention that because this is your first post and I am not sure if you are already aware of that.
I see. It would be more advisable to compile the unbound port, than to recompile the base-system build of unbound.

I have learned about the existence of unbound-control, though, which does everything I wanted to do with unbound's scriptable interface. I need to automate the frequent updating of a changing set of local-zones on multiple boxes. The scriptable interface now seems very overpowered and dangerous, and not something I want to let loose if I don't have to.