PF rdr rules vs filter rules with 'divert-to'

I've set up obspamd on one of my FreeBSD hosts in the past and used 'rdr' translation rules in pf.conf(5) to achieve this, as per the documentation for the FreeBSD package. I'm now doing it again on a new host and refreshing my memory on how it's configured.

OpenBSD's documentation for spamd instead refers to using normal filter rules with a 'divert-to' parameter, but I understand that this is because FreeBSD's version of pf(4) is older than OpenBSD's and uses an older rule syntax.

However, I've just noticed that the FreeBSD's pf.conf(5) manpage also refers to a 'divert-to' parameter for filter rules, and I'm now wondering what the functional difference is between that and an 'rdr' translation rule.

Can anyone clarify this?

Thank you.

PS. forum wouldn't let me add a 'pf' tag to the post as it's too short.
Apologies, it's mail/spamd. The service name is obspamd.

I think I found an answer to my question anyway. It seems that the 'divert-to' parameter diverts packets using the divert(4) mechanism, which looks to be a part of ipfirewall(4). I'll stick with pf(4) redirect functionality instead.