Raspberry pi 4 and sound? Can it work?

Hello people,
I am a returning user here and just wondered if anyone has used FreeBSD sound through an 8G raspberry PI 4 yet? I have tried to do this on using two different distros.... FreeBSD 12.2 CURRENT and 14.0 CURRENT. And through the HDMI port.

As per the Handbook.... I tried the following.....
kldload snd_driver

Which reports the following error...
link_elf: symbol isa_dma_aquire_undefined
KLD snd_driver. Ko: depends on snd_ad1816 - not availableor version mismatch
kldload: can't load snd_driver: no such file or directory.

Which means the cat /dev/sound command fails too with
 No devices installed. 
No devices installed from userspace.

Am I approaching this the right way? I require the HDMI sound driver.

Looking at https://wiki.freebsd.org/arm/Raspberry Pi I'm going to say no.
Keep in mind that there's close to no public documentation available for the RPi4 and there's overall little interest due to the hardware itself and lack of documentation. Before we're starting to compare operating systems you should know that the RPi Foundation pretty much provides pretty much everything for Linux support in terms of drivers etc.
Edit: In general you're better off with Rockchip and/or Allwinner but it's all WIP :)