C Raspberry Pi 2 OpenGL Dev drawing issue __addsf3


This is a freshly installed sd card with xorg on a raspberry pi 2.

LLVM ERROR: Program used external function '__addsf3' which could not be resolved!

As far as I understand this is a libc / glibc function for soft floats. The raspberry pi 2+ has hard float abilities, so I don't really understand how to approach this problem.

I found this when running my own program but this happens with glxgears from "pkg install", too.

In my code this error occurs when calling glDrawElements. When I remove the draw call and just clear the background the program runs fine.

Using: glew, glfw, assimp (from "pkg install")

Command to start, running from console without desktop: startx /usr/local/bin/glxgears, startx ./glfwtest

Thanks very much for help. If there is any information you need, just ask.