random Bad file descriptor errors building ports on a vps from Digitalocean

Hey everyone,

(Perhaps the underlying problem is related to some process utilizing all available cpu resources.)
I manage a few servers on different hosts similarly configured, but this particular vps hosted with Digitalocean in Frankfurt throws a "Bad file descriptor" while using make on a port. Additionally the issue also occurs when there is apparently of background process using all free cpu resources. Rebooting the instance fixes the issue. I have reached out to Digitalocean several times and am unable to track the glitch down, and it seems to have remained beyond several upgrades from between 12 to 13x.

A sample error
===>  Extracting for clamav-0.105.1_1,1
=> SHA256 Checksum OK for clamav-0.105.1.tar.gz.
chmod: /usr/ports/security/clamav/work/clamav-0.105.1/libclamav_rust/.cargo/vendor/tiff/tests/encode_images.rs: Bad file descriptor
But it can occur on almost any port but once it gets stuck only a reboot would usually get it to build.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks in advance,