Solved Radeon Pro WX


With the current support for AMD graphic drivers and development speed, is it possible to imagine an ETA to FreeBSD have support to those new babies? Radeon Pro WX.

Thank you!
IIRC the Radeon Pro WX cars are Polaris based.

I think Linux was AMD Polaris support since 4.6, what seem to be a WIP on FreeBSD side. However the Roadmap seem slightly outdated since the x11-servers/wayland port already do exist, and this git wiki show they are indeed porting the features from 4.7.

I do not know what more in there could directly affect the support (or not) but the udev "HOLD ON" thing due to its future make me record Gentoo did a fork of it, called eudev, years ago to have a way to keep the option to maintain it (Gentoo) SystemD free, and it is already stable there...

I think I can maintain the WX 4100 in my future workstaion list. :)

Any idea if those updates could eventually come already to FreeBSD-11.1?
Just to notice, I was told on #freebsd-xorg mdev and eudev are the candidates to replace udev.