Radeon 9550 3D support

I'm considering installing FreeBSD 7.1, but will I have 3D support with the radeon open source driver? Will font anti-aliasing work? Thanks in advance. :)
If you are using Xorg 7.4, I would recommend adding this line to the Device section of your xorg.conf file:

Option "AccelMethod" "EXA"

That's really the only change I'd recommend to the stock xorg.conf file for a single monitor setup.

Thank you for your reply. I'm posting this because I only had experience in configuring the proprietary fglrx drivers in Linux.
If you're going to enable EXA, then I strongly suggestyou also add:

Option      "MigrationHeuristic"  "greedy"

or a speed daemon it won't be (although my experience is with the nv driver...] ;)
Happily using the "radeon" driver, but this time it's SLiM to blame. I added slim_enable="yes" in rc.conf and when I reboot SLiM starts, but I can't type anything or move the cursor. Also tried seting it up in /etc/ttys but again the same effect.