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Feature Questions vs Threads


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Starting today, the FreeBSD Forums are offering the ability to post a new topic in two 'flavors': Threads and Questions.

Threads are what you already know; the Forums have always had them. They're good for regular discussions about a topic, and/or for an exchange of ideas or solutions.

Questions are new. They are explicitly meant to be used for straight-up questions for which a more or less straight-up answer is to be expected.

A Question topic gives the topic opener the ability to choose a 'Best Answer', which will automatically mark the topic as solved. The link to the best answer appears next to the topic title in the Forums, and also inside the topic itself. The topic opener can also mark the topic as solved without choosing a 'Best Answer', by using a button ('Mark Solved') near the top of the topic.

Question topics can be recognized by looking for the question mark / check mark next to the title. Red for unanswered, green for answered/solved.

The choice between a Thread (default) and a Question can be made when posting a new topic in the sub-forums that deal with direct technical issues. As such, it is not available in the General, Feedback, Off-Topic, and FAQs sub-forums.

We hope you will enjoy this new feature (with thanks to danger@ for suggesting and implementing it).

P.S. an administrator or a moderator may change existing topics from Threads to Questions, vice versa.