Questions before adopting FreeBSD for desktop


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I am planing to migrate to FreeBSD so far I am trying it on a separate machine, no VM here. I just need some information before I take the jump:

1. Thanks to SirDice and Sevendogsbsd for their advice as of what version of FreeBSD to install for a newcomer like me.
So question, is "RELEASE" the final output from developers?

2. Does FreeBSD support HDMI output?

3. Is there support for Web Cam?

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  1. Yes
  2. Good question but I use display port and it is supported so assuming hdmi is as well (?) Faulty logic, yes, but thought I'd throw that out there!
  3. Don't know - i have one but never tried. I am sure others will chime in on this, or I can dig mine out and see if it works.


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Yes, HDMI video will allways work. Audio over HDMI does not allways work with onboard Realtek chips, but works well with my old Nvidia Geforce 650. I'm not sure if that's representative.



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  1. HDMI works with FreeBSD
  2. webcams work. Some might need multimedia/webcamd from ports.
And - from time to time people will run into unsupported hardware.



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first maybe cuse4bsd [ a port ] required... here is a webcam CLI 90 percent guaranteed.
ffmpeg -y -f v4l2 -i /dev/video0 -vframes 2 test%3d.jpg
if the hardware is detected.


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  1. Yes, require binary updates some time.
  2. HDMI is supported . In case of multiple audio output , default setting is needed. Here Handbook is your friend.


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Regarding webcams: I have successfully used Logitech C210 / C310 and Philips SPC 900 NC with FreeBSD, including the built-in microphones. I'm sure that others will work, too. In some cases you have to fiddle a bit with the configuration or need to apply a special patch. For example, the Philips one needed the pwcbsd package (port multimedia/pwcbsd), while the Logitech ones worked with webcamd but required a certain usbconfig(8) command for initialization.

If you have specific questions regarding HDMI or webcams, I suggest you open a separate thread for each topic.