Question about flash player ?

Hi all,

I'd like to know your workaround to enable flash. Actually, is it possible to avoid to use linux compat ?

Thanks in advance,
I've got the linux-flashplayer7 working on a native fbsd firefox. Install firefox, install a linux_base, install nspluginwrapper and finally linux-flashplayer7.

It doesn't play everything but Youtube works :)
It doesn't look like there's a way around using Linux-Compat.

If it's any consolation, it looks like someone has a Flash 9 HOWTO for FreeBSD here.
I use gnash. They still lack some actionscript parts and h.264 support (which is supposedly coming this winter) but I can watch half of youtube and some other similar pages ok.

Hopefully they'll get it right soon, I'm already quite impressed with it (amd64 too).
I gave up on it. I have 2 computers (FreeBSD and Win2K) on
a KVM switch and if I'm going to go to one of those glossy
flash 9 websites I use the Win2K pc, but if I can do it
with flash 7 I use FreeBSD.
I also use gnash. Unfortunately it uses up lots of CPU time even when it's in a TAB that is currently not displayed. Also all the flashing advertisement is annoying. Unfortunately the combination Flashblock/Gnash makes my Firefox very unstable.
>Unfortunately the combination Flashblock/Gnash makes my Firefox very unstable.

That's true for Flash 9 too. Noscript or Privoxy is a nice way to block this kind of annoyance.