QEMU on FreeBSD 7.x


anyone have experience with QEMU on FreeBSD 7.x ?

i got problem with qemu, i cant use it to emulate my XP with this command:

# qemu -boot d -hda /home/alie/myvm/winxp.img -m 128

it gives nothing, just hanging forever...
you order Qemu to boot from cdrom, while no disk in cdrom specified
change -boot d to -boot c

If you need cd-rom (real) -cdrom /dev/acd0
if you need to emulate cdrom and use XP iso image -cdrom /path/to/winxp.iso

remember to boot from cdrom use -boot d, to boot from disk/image whatever use -boot c

also when you install qemu, make sure kqemu ain't loaded.
only after installation is done, then use kqemu to emulate XP

p.s. qemu works fine
sorry, this is my first time use Qemu,

qemu -boot c -hda /home/alie/myvm/winxp.img -m 128
qemu -cdrom /dev/acd0 -boot c -hda /home/alie/myvm/winxp.img -m 128

these 2 line not work for me :( still same problem, it gives nothing..
have you installed Xp on virtual disk? My guess is not.
1st thing to do is
$ sudo kldload aio
$ sudo kldunload kqemu
$ qemu-img create -f qcow2 winxp.img 10G
$ qemu -cdrom /dev/acd0 -boot d -hda winxp.img -m 128
now install XP
after you installed it
shutdown virtual pc (from xp)
$ sudo kldload kqemu
$ qemu -boot c -hda winxp.img -m 128

if you ain't got sudo use su to get admin permissions

read this
alie: you can also try emulators/aqemu, which is a nice GUI for qemu.
its weird, still got same problem, with normal qemu and with aqemu too... hangs forever and for aqemu it will display menu bar and title only, there's no screen area at all...

btw i can take my screenshot with "prtsc", something wrong with my system...
QEMU PC emulator version 0.9.1

AQEMU Version: 0.5.2 of 17.10.2008

this seems weird for me since i cant use my CD-ROM also. i saw /dev/acdo0 on my machine but i cant browse ... i am not sure its mounted or not since i am quite new to UNIX system
# kldstat
Id Refs Address Size Name
1 27 0xc0400000 906518 kernel
2 1 0xc0d07000 14324 snd_hda.ko
3 2 0xc0d1c000 4a5ac sound.ko
4 1 0xc0d67000 f140 if_wpi.ko
5 1 0xc0d77000 25f60 wpifw.ko
6 1 0xc0d9d000 6a32c acpi.ko
7 5 0xc5022000 22000 linux.ko
8 1 0xc50d4000 7000 vmmon_smp.ko
9 1 0xc50dd000 2000 vmnet.ko
10 1 0xc50df000 5000 if_tap.ko
11 1 0xc5109000 2000 rtc.ko
12 1 0xc51af000 6000 i915.ko
13 1 0xc51b5000 f000 drm.ko
14 1 0xc5aaf000 8000 aio.ko
15 1 0xc5b2b000 1f000 kqemu.ko

and 1 more thing... when i run this:
qemu -cdrom /dev/acd0 -boot d -hda /home/alie/aqemu/Windows_XP_HDA.img -m 128

i can hear my CD-ROM is running...
but nothing is showing...
Can you read directly from acd0 using, for example, less -f /dev/acd0 or head -c 100 /dev/ad0s2 ?
What is the output of ll /dev/acd0 and groups ?
i can read it directly... but i cant browse it with any file manager(eg konqueror).. this is another issue, i think i will create antoher thread for this one.

# ll /dev/acd0
crw-r----- 1 root operator 0, 107 Dec 24 17:53 /dev/acd0