Solved Pulling FreeBSD 11 stable branch fails


I get errors when trying to pull the FreeBSD stable branch.

# svn checkout /usr/src
svn: E170013: Unable to connect to a repository at URL ''
svn: E000013: Error running context: Permission denied
Probably something temporarily, have you tried it again?
Ha, I just found out that it seems to be related to IPv6. Wonder why though. Works with IPv4. Someone else having that problem? Using Hurricane Electric Tunnel Broker.
Maybe you're ending up on a bad mirror. What does drill output?

Edit: I also have a HE IPv6 tunnel. Works without a hitch though.
Whoops, sorry, was too quick to respond earlier. It was a faulty IPv6 setup. I recently made a change that I forgot about and didn't see any manifestation of this before. Other things seemingly fell back to IPv4, SVN didn't.

Sorry for the noise.