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Publish Outlook 2007 Calendar in Apache-WebDAV

Discussion in 'Howtos and FAQs (Moderated)' started by mbr661, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. mbr661

    mbr661 New Member

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    After some research, I finally found these six steps that allow me to publish Outlook 2007 calendar in my own Apache-WebDAV server. I hope that putting all the information together in one document will help someone else perform this task with less effort.

    Please feel free to critique this how-to to make it better, especially in the area of security. Do I have the most secure permissions on the new directories I created?

    This installation/config was done in:

    FreeBSD 7.3-RELEASE-p2
    Apache apache-2.2.16_1 from Ports

    Apache installation was already functional and included the following two modules:
    LoadModule dav_module libexec/apache22/mod_dav.so
    LoadModule dav_fs_module libexec/apache22/mod_dav_fs.so

    1.- Added the following WebDAV settings to httpd.conf:
    DAVLockDB /tmp/DAVLock
    DAVMinTimeout 600
    <Location /calendar/>
        DAV On
        AuthType Basic
        AuthName "WebDAV Restricted"
        AuthUserFile /usr/local/www/.DAVlogin
        <LimitExcept GET HEAD OPTIONS>
            Require valid-user

    2.- Created DAVLock directory with approriate permissions:
    # mkdir /tmp/DAVLock
    # chmod 777 /tmp/DAVLock

    3.- Created the location for the calendars with appropriate permissions:
    # mkdir /usr/local/www/apache22/data/calendar
    # chown www /usr/local/www/apache22/data/calendar
    # chgrp www /usr/local/www/apache22/data/calendar
    # chmod 775 /usr/local/www/apache22/data/calendar

    4.- Created user/password combinations for those allowed to view the calendars:
    # htpasswd -c /usr/local/www/.DAVlogin "user"
    Re-type new password:

    5.- Restarted Apache:
    ## apachectl restart

    6.- In Outlook I took the following steps:
    a.- With the calendar open, on the left pane, right click on calendar​
    b.- Click on Publish to Internet and then on Publish to WebDAV server​
    c.- In the next window type the location you just created in the following format:​
    Time Span: Your Preference​
    Detail: Your Preference​
    d.- Send invitation emails to those you will share your calendar with. Do this When
    you first execute this in Outlook and every time you change your settings.​

    duce thanks for this.
  2. mbr661

    mbr661 New Member

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    I've discovered a problem in step 4 in the previous post.

    When I do step 4 from the previous post:
    # htpasswd -c /usr/local/www/.DAVlogin "user"
    Re-type new password:

    The password is not persistent.

    Every time the users update their calendars the server asks for their password, but it does not recognize it. I have to run the same command again for the server to publish their calendar updates.

    Does any body know how to make the passwords persistent in the server?

  3. duce

    duce New Member

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    Perhaps use:

    htpasswd /usr/local/www/.DAVlogin "user"

    Omitting the -c will append or update the password of the user/new user. The -c you will only use when creating a new file.

    Thanks for your guide. Just what I needed. :)