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ProFTP with MySQL Support

Discussion in 'Installation and Maintenance of Ports or Packages' started by jemate18, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. jemate18

    jemate18 New Member

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    Hello guys! Just want to introduce myself. I'm quite of a GNU/Linux user for 2 years now and I want to learn the FreeBSD operating system.

    I have installed FreeBSD 7.0 (base install only) in my Pentium 3 box. All works well and I want to dedicate my machine as just an FTP server.

    I have update my ports using the csup.....
    After that, I have installed ProFTP using
    make install clean

    Again all works well and is very fine. I have created anonymous user.

    However, there are a lot of users and they want an account based FTP. I think this is possible, but then I have to use adduser for every employee so that they may have the ftp access to each folder they have.

    One of my employees told me that I could use MySQL to have it.

    Can I please have a detail guide on how to configure my ProFTP using MySQL for the account based FTP so that I don't have to use adduser for each and every user?

    Can I configure my already installed ProFTP without having to delete/erase it's initial installation?


  2. danger@

    danger@ Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator Developer

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    jemate18 thanks for this.