problems with X11 forwarding


This is pretty straight forward, im having trouble getting X11 forwarding to work. I have set the correct parameters in sshd_config and ssh_config respectively. But it still won't forward the session. I have also tried setting the DISPLAY variable to the connecting ip. But still no luck. What am i doing wrong?
On the remote computer? Nah, 10:0 looks right, since sshd is intended to listen to a display that isn't already in use.
That depends if you want to use an encrypted connection you use ssh -X and that should do everything you need. SSH creates a tunnel and pretends to the software that it's displayed locally (that's why localhost:10.0).

An unencrypted connection is a lot faster, but should only occur in a trusted environment. For that you set DISPLAY to <XServerIP>:0.0 and run xhost +<XClientIP> on the XServer.

The xhost command can actually be used in a much more fine grained way, but when security is an issue it ssh should be used any way.
okay, it seems to work reasonably well after all. The only thing that isn't forwarded properly is the fluxbox session. I wonder if that requires any fluxbox tweaking...

Edit IT seems to work if you connect when X is not running and then start it