UFS Problems with noatime?


I'm currently using 11.0-STABLE on a Dell Inspiron 5559 (Core i7-6500U), soon upgrading to drm 4.7 fork of 12.0-CURRENT. Yes, I'm a desktop user who LOVES to tweak, and I think FreeBSD combines usability with customisability quite nicely, so here I am =)

Now, I heard about the benefits of noatime and have scoured Google for more info, but all the posts are about noatime on Linux dating back to ~2012, so I decided to get a status update.

What components of FreeBSD depend on atime being updated or preclude the use of noatime? Any devs around here?

Almost none of the base FreeBSD depends on atime. The only really important exception is mailboxes (default directory /var/mail) where you have to know the last access time in order for your mail reader to operate properly.