Problems installing FreeBSD 11 on Asus E35M1-M

I have just installed FreeBSD (11) again since long ago, in an Asus E35M1-M system. There was and were some problems. Sure, some answers are in this forum, but not even with opera in FreeBSD 11 is possible to read this forum, and I had problems with X11 and am having problems with firefox.

After many trials I got X11 working. I installed the packages "xf86-video-scfb" and "llvm34", but first after I typed:

" zpool import -f bootpool"

I could start X11. Without it, /boot and /bootpool are empty and cannot see loader.conf, the Kernel and Modules. Without that the system do not recognize the mouse ums0, and after that I must detach and attach the mouse in order that it be recognized.

I got firefox running after I typed as root: " dbus-uuidgen > /etc/machine-id". But starting X and firefox as other user I still get the error:

libGL error: failed to open drm device: Permission denied
libGL error: failed to load driver: r600

Some questions:

Question 1: What to do for not having to type " zpool import -f bootpool" after every booting?

Question 2: What to do for not to physically attach and detach the mouse in order that it be recognized? Is there a command?

Question 3: I do not want swap partition in the disk, I want only one partition (a). The installer forced me to install a and d. Is there a way?

Question 4: If I type "mount", I see things like "zroot/var/tmp on /var/tmp". Are that partitions? I want only one!

Question 5: What to do against the above error of firefox?