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I'm a new user of FreeBSD, i have installed a version but when i type fvwm i have a message: Can't display, ERROR, " ", .
The same for afterstep, and other wm which i installed by running sysinstall, package and choosing CD/DVD like source and choosing again all the ports available on the wm block (it's for helping me, perhaps i had maked an error in installation).

notes: -my installation is on VirtualBox.
-i think my version is 7.1.1.



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Do you used "startx" after running the above command to launch a X Server ?

For "debugging" you may use:

cp ${HOME}/.xinitrc ${HOME}/.xinitrc_backup
echo xterm > ${HOME}/.xinitrc

First command creates a backup of the startup file, with the second one starting X only a terminal window appears from where you can start the WM of your choice.