Solved Problem with dns reverse

Good afternoon.

I am configuring the dns service in my freebsd distribution.

Direct DNS if it works me correctly, but when I check the reverse I get an error.

The error is as follows:


Address: 192.168.56.#53

**server can´t find NXDOMAIN

thank you very much in advance


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In your main config the reverse zone name is 1.168.192 when it should be 56.168.192

Also having two PTR records doesn't really make much sense. The reverse entry should normally match the host name of the server.
thank you very much for your help. Was that already solved! I actually needed the 56 in my main file, but as much as I looked at the file I did not see it -_-!

Thank you so much for everything, really, and have a good day.
Don't edit the localhost-forward.db and localhost-reverse.db files. They're for resolving and localhost. They're not meant to be used to host your local domain.

And please, just copy/paste the actual text instead of posting a bunch of pictures.