Potential Donation: Alpha Personal Workstation 500au (Miata)

I have an old UNIX box that I'd like to get rid of, but - anything else would break my heart - I would like to see it being put to good use instead of throwing it away. In other words, I'm looking for someone who's interested in this machine and would like to take it, for free.

It's a Digital Alpha Personal Workstation 500au (Codename Miata) with one 500MHz Alpha CPU, 256Megs of RAM, a rather new HD with 38GB (Samsung SpinPoint) I bought a few years ago and a (AFAIK) fully functional SCSI CD-ROM. A network adapter (100Mbps) is integrated, machine has a graphics card, but back then when I tried I couldn't get X to run. It currently has FreeBSD 4.7 installed and is more or less ready to use.

Anyone interested? Could it be used for FreeBSD porting/development work?
That was quick

Thanks, just did that. I discovered the donations page only minutes after posting this (duh!).