ports quitting after starting

hi i have noticed that some ports when compiled exit on start, currently firefox and remmina has anyone experienced this?

Try starting them from the command line. That will show you any problems they have that keep them from starting and give you an idea how to go about fixing it.
i have tried that, in the shell, they start and then exit, no error messages, however if you add a --help it runs and gives you the options. just graphically starts and exits, nothing on the xwindows display.
When a program won't start for me it's most often after I've updated another that did something to a dependency of said program. Trying to start it from the terminal usually shows it to be an .so file and reinstalling said program usually does the trick.
very odd, just compiled Thunderbird with gtk3 and it exits without showing anything on the xwindows display, i recompiled with gtk2 and it works perfectly, maybe all my trouble with apps quiting is if they are compiled against gtk3