Solved portlint tolerance to commit a port

Hi all.

I'm porting a bunch of things. Some include upgrade from existing old ports.

The question is: portlint -A gives me some warns about "please, use make makepatch", "or please consider adding LICENSE" ... just warns. I could point exactly what warns later, if needed to answer this question.

What is the tolerance to accept committing new or upgrading existent ports ? May I skip some WARNS ? I mean, is too much work to do it right now , I need to focus on port things (about 10 ports) and make things committed to the tree.
one tolerates bogus warnings and maybe LICENSE warnings (but usually for existing ports, not new ones).
the "makepatch" warning isn't bogus, it means the patch isn't in the expected format.
If you don't want to use "make makepatch", I suggest you use a port I wrote, ports-mgmt/genpatch. It comes with a man page.
to clarify, if it's an existing port, you don't *have* to regenerate the patches if the hunk offsets are correct. However, if "Make makepatch" fixes them without any effort, people usually do it to get rid of the portlint warnings, if for no other reason. (usually the hunk offsets are actually off because people don't update patches for each version release)
Thanks marino@ . Helped a lot!

off-topic on: And by the way, suddenly I got confused... I was just reading about ports-mgmt/synth on the forums and then got a notification about the same person! eheh. synth looks very cool project, I'll give a try later.