Please update audio/sphinx3 to audio/sphinx4

Hi friends!

There is a outdated version of speech recognition system in ports tree, maybe someone update it to actual version?
That's what we're here for :)

Post what you have and the problems you're running into. I'm sure someone will try to help out if you show a little effort from your side ;)
Ok, I try to do something with that software.
I'm go to "Slow porting" section, and stops after reading description of fetch target. I have a question:
  • Is it possible in FreeBSD ports infrastructure grab sources from git repository in fetch target?
I mean not download archive, but exactly clone repository. As I remember, gentoo portage system has that ability.
That will useful for porting -current versions of software.
The ports infrastructure is based on the assumption that the distfiles are invariable and the distfiles are checked with SHA256 cryptographic hash sums for this reason. If the ports tree is not updated every port should produce the same results when built over and over again even if the distfiles have to be re-fetched at some point. Depending on a git repository head would break this assumption and that's why you must specify a tag/commit with USE_GITHUB.