plasma 5.23 already in [ latest]


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Hi i want just to thank the KDE porting team for their reactivity, plasma 5.23 is running on my workstation and everythig seems to work fine !
Have a nice day.


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Just upgraded to plasma 5.23.1. Unfortunately I don't feel all that positive about the update:
  • Several desktop switching effects including the desktop cube animation have been dropped, leaving only 2 effects available (fade and slide), which is a real shame. There are some efforts to bring back the desktop cube.
  • Breeze scrollbars feel like being 1.5x the width they used to be and now have an annoying border.
  • Window borders in plastik style don't behave properly. The "tiny" setting I always used now gives much wider window borders, whereas the setting "No borders" gives approximately the 1px border I used to have.



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Oh, crap. I'm still in the process of setting up the Apache-served Poudriere repo on my end of things. Once that is in place, I can build my own Plasma upgrade packages. 😅


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