pkg upgrade issue


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I am using 11.2-RELEASE-p8.
I haven't used my netbook for a while; today I ran freebsd-update fetch and freebsd-update install (all went fine).
Anyway, I encountered issues with pkg upgrade, I mean I received lots on "not found" errors.

I noticed some little mismatch in package's version, for example:

pkg:,1.txz: Not Found
while on repository there is:

I ran pkg-static update -f and it seems my problem has gone.

Is the correct way to solve this kind of issue?

Thank you


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Hi circus78,

As we can see from first "Not Found" error that your local repository catalogue was out-of-sync. Running the above command will update your local FreeBSD repository catalogue (by default against FreeBSD remotes repository). You should run
pkg update
to update your local repository with the repositories as listed in pkg.conf. Then you can run
pkg upgrade
that will upgrade your packages (or what you have specified).

Long story short, your system should be in good state.