PI2 Hangs on Startup with 11.0 RC1

It installed fine and I played around a bit, then rebooted and now nothing. After about 5 minutes I see something like "unblocking random" and a bunch of " intc0 spurious interrupt", once every few seconds. But nothing more, no login prompt and no ssh.

Any clues?

No, I am running the same on a Hummingboard I am testing.
Maybe fickle media. Write zeros and re-image.
I have a RPi2 as well and will check.
Note that it worked fine until I installed a few packages and rebooted. I can't remember them all. Is there a "boot to recovery mode" I could try that would allow me to disable some things in rc.conf? Or a verbose mode to tell me what's happening in more detail on boot up to find out where it's hanging?

cat /var/log/messages | more might contain some useful information.

My Rpi2 has been up now 20 minutes with one package installed misc/ytree

Note that ee is part of FreeBSD base for easy editing.
How do I get to read /var/log/messages since it doesn't boot? I've been unable to mount the card under Linux, otherwise I'd have used that to edit rc.conf to disable some services.
What is stopping you from zeroing the card and try imaging again with FreeBSD? Do you have work on it you need to keep?
Good news. I lent the card to someone who does have access to a SD card reader on a machine running FreeBSD and who happens to have a spare PI2 lying around. We've found the problem, which is puppet. Having puppet_enabled="YES" in /etc/rc.conf seems to be the culprit. Remove that and all is well. So there's clearly a problem there somewhere.
There are lots of growing pains on Arm. The official line is that it is a Tier 2 platform. Thus a work in progress. Making packages can be challenging. portsnap fetch extract takes 4+ hours. buildworld takes over 40 hrs. Poudriere is the best route for Arm package building.
I have not messed with puppet.
I suspect no-one else has because "why run puppet on a PI"! I'm surprised there's anything in it which should cause this symptom, however.