Solved php74-* not compatible with newest postgresql


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I use binary pkgs and newest freebsd 12.1 RELEASE.

I have installed both client and server postgresql12.1 using pkg - i can NOT downgrade them, as I actively use version 12 with big dbs.

I tried to install php74, but php74-pgsql subpackage upon installation tries to remove postgresql12 and install ver11. after my dead body ;)

What are my options to use php WITH postgresql12 on freebsd?

p.s. Bonus question: option -M (ignore dependencies) is ignored by pkg. Why?



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You need to use ports instead to redefine the default PostgreSQL version to 12 then compile php74-pgsql and any other port which depends on PostgreSQL.

echo 'DEFAULT_VERSIONS+= pgsql=12' >> /etc/make.conf
make -C /usr/ports/databases/php74-pgsql install
#pkg lock php74-pgsql # Be aware that php74-pgsql won't be updated with this (can break or have security issue but pkg won't replace it with its version built for PostgreSQL 11 from FreeBSD)
But It's highly recommended to use poudriere or synth to do so (in order to have your own repository and avoid conflict with FreeBSD's repository when updating packages).