Solved pf.conf - syntax error


I have pf.conf long time the same and today I found one from the OpenBSD but it doesn't work on my FreeBSD 11-RELEASE(amd64), desktop computer:
ext_if = "bge0"
broken=",,, \,,, \,,, \,,,"
set block-policy drop
set skip on lo0
match in all scrub (no-df max-mss random-id 1440)
antispoof quick for ($ext_if)
antispoof for lo0
block return out quick inet6 all
block in quick inet6 all
block in quick from { $broken urpf-failed no-route } to any
block in all
pass out quick on $ext_if inet keep state

When I run:
service pf restart
Enabling pf/etc/pf.conf:5: syntax error
pfctl: Syntax error in config file: pf rules not loaded

What should I corrected, please?
Thank you.
FreeBSD's PF doesn't understand match. I think this should be equivalent, but don't quote me on that:
scrub in all no-df max-mss 1440 random-id fragment reassemble
Thank you.
Do you think that is okay for the desktop computer or is too much. I had much more simple before.